Good afternoon friends! Agree that any fish is tasty, but cooked in batter, it seems even tastier. I want to offer you some simple batter recipes for fish on mayonnaise, beer, with or without milk. He will make even the driest fish juicy, with the help of some additives its taste will become much more interesting. Yes, and oily fish does not spoil.


Recipe number 1. Batter for fish on mayonnaise.

We will need:
Fillet of any fish - 400 gr.
Mayonnaise - 5 tablespoons.
Egg - four pcs.
Hard cheese - 200 gr.
Salt, flour, pepper.
How to cook batter for fish according to this recipe.

Cooking fish is very simple: grate the cheese and mix it with mayonnaise and add the eggs.
Now add salt and pepper, then flour. I did not write down the dosage of flour; put so much that the consistency looks like sour cream. Stir everything well and the batter is ready.
Cut the fillet into small portions, dip each in a batter and lay immediately in a frying pan.
The fish is ready if a golden crust appears on it.
Tip: so that when frying, the fish in the batter does not stick to the pan, warm the oil well. For the sake of fidelity, I also sprinkle this oil a little with fine salt, then a full guarantee that nothing will stick.

Recipe number 2.
Milk batter. The simplest, in my opinion, recipe for cooking, the fish is tender and juicy.

We will need:
Egg - 6 pcs.
Milk - 400 ml.
Fish - 1.5 kg.
Salt and sunflower oil.
How to make batter in milk:

Lightly heat the milk, put the egg yolks, flour, salt and pour the oil.
Stir everything very well, introduce egg whites and whisk again.
Cut the fish into pieces, dip each in a batter and fry.
fish in batter

Recipe number 3.
Beer batter for fish. Any fish turns out to be unusually tender, like lace.

We will need:
Egg - 1 pc.
Flour - 100 gr.
Light beer - 150 ml.
Fish fillet - 500 gr.
Sunflower oil, salt.
How to cook fish in batter according to this simple recipe:

Make a batter: add eggs, flour, salt to the beer (you need very little, but you can completely do without it). Stir and add vegetable oil. Stir again. If the batter turned out to be a little liquid, do not be alarmed, it is necessary.
Dip the fish fillet in a beer batter and fry in a hot pan.

Recipe No. 4.
Batter for fish without eggs. The easiest and cheapest option. Instead of water, you can take dark beer - it will be very tasty, and the crust will turn out crispy.

We will need:
Flour - 250 gr.
Dark beer - 500 ml.
Fish fillet - 500 gr.
Salt, vegetable oil, you can still add pepper.
How to cook batter:

Mix everything and beat well, then dip in slices of cut fillet and fry.
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