Renegade Ops is engaged in a really shameful affair - it shamelessly presses on a nostalgic callus. Those who once found arcades like Jackal and Desert Strike will experience puppy delight, regardless of the quality of the project. And what about this same quality? Play best Y8 Games at the website.

For those who do not know does not know what kind of Jackal is this, we explain. Renegade Ops is the heiress of classic arcade games about cars. Driving a nimble little car hung with weapons, we must arrange outrage and destroy enemy equipment, as well as turn into no less enemy infantry into bloody gruel. It seems like all this mess in the ROthere’s even some kind of meaning - we’re starting a rout, not for any reason, but to complete certain tasks. But who reads them at all?

So, we have nine relatively large locations - one for each mission. The main goal of the player is to travel between enemy bases and simultaneously clear them. There are enough opponents - there are helpless and frail soldiers, annoying jeeps with machine guns, formidable tanks, around which you have to whirl around, so as not to turn into a pile of scrap metal, and so on.

Note that the machines entrusted to us are managed quite nicely. They go spectacularly into a skid on the bends, bounce on potholes and are very cute, like toys, roll onto the roof, crashing into a tree or building. In truth, it’s even more enjoyable to ride here than in any Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit .

The elaboration of levels also does not disappoint. Reenegade opsfollows the precepts of bearded arcade ancestors - each card here is noticeably different from the rest and at the same time pleases the eye. The sultry desert, the jungle, the main villain's camp, mountains - all locations are curious in their own way. It’s hard to complain about the quality of the picture - we developed RO on the engine of the very pretty Just Cause 2 .

And all this, of course, is great ... But there is one unpleasant circumstance - the creation of Avalanche Studios manages to get bored even for those miserable three hours that you spend on passing. Yes, sentimental "oldfags" dropping mean tears over the once green grass will see improved Jackaland they will be in the seventh heaven with happiness. But actually, in the era of smart, original and fascinating arcades of all kinds, the one-celled game about cars is not very impressive.

Before the start of each episode, we select one of the characters. Any adventurer can boast of its own characteristics, as well as a unique ability, whether it is an electromagnetic pulse, enhanced protection or support from the air. For the reprisals against enemies and other useful actions, we gain experience, so that skills allow you to "pump", and indicators like the maximum number of ammunition - increase. Depending on the choice of the ward, the tactics of passing varies somewhat - someone can be thrown into the heat without the slightest fear, while the other is better not to get into trouble. And if you choose a different hero before each mission, RO becomes a little more fun.

Well, with the cooperative and so everything is clear. Almost any game automatically becomes an order of magnitude better if you call comrades into it. Together with your friends, you will overcome the campaign even faster and get much more pleasure than in single player mode.

Despite the primitiveness, Renegade Ops is a rather pleasant project in which you can pass one evening. In a good company, of course. The process of destroying enemies here is not annoying with high complexity, juicy explosions caress your eyes, and the final video will surely amuse you. So the impressions will remain positive rather than negative. If you are an avid fan of "old school" arcades, then you can now buy the brainchild of Avalanche Studios without any hesitation.

Pros: a good cooperative; beautiful graphics; variety of heroes and locations.
Cons: The game quickly bothers.