In the first six months, the child has an extremely rapid development of the senses. The kid learns to see, hear, recognize new objects, images. And the task of adults is to teach him how to interact with all this. To teach to focus on new things for him, as well as to cause visual and auditory concentration.

It is no secret that he always strives to taste everything that caught his eye, especially during teething. A rattle for newborns or a teether toy will become a good and faithful companion in his life during this difficult period. They will help you not only save the child from unpleasant sensations, but also develop his visual and auditory perception, concentration of attention and thinking, and motor skills. Vibrant colors and unusual sounds made by a rattle, an amazing shape and a pleasant to the touch and “taste” surface teether will capture the attention of your child.

From a month, you can begin to show the baby a rattle toy, that is, at a distance of about 40 cm. At the level of the chest, you start to drive a bright toy so that the baby watches it and turns its head. If the baby does not immediately pay attention to the rattle, does not concentrate his eyes, then you can postpone the toy until a month and a half. Because all children develop in different ways.

In the second month, with the help of a rattle, tactile and grasping reflexes can be developed. Over time, the child will be able to hold and move the rattle for a long time. He also learns to understand the connection between sound and rattle movement.
After half a month, you can try to move it when playing with a rattle, teaching the child to reach for it. Play online games on the friv games site with the whole family. Only the best online friv games are presented on this mega portal.

It is necessary to pay attention to the choice of rattle. The optimal first rattle should be a toy with a thin leg and a bright ball; it should not sound loud so that the baby is not afraid. After two months, the child’s reaction to the rattle becomes lively, and he should easily turn his head toward the irritant and smile.

All rattles should be light, because all the movements of the baby with his hands are not yet coordinated and he can give himself on the forehead and put a bruise. Therefore, buy light and not very loud rattles.

When the baby grows quite a bit, then developing rugs and centers that will bring a lot of unforgettable moments to his life will be a great addition to the rattles.