The era of the total deficit of elegant and casual clothes is forgotten ... An abundance of offers for every taste and, of course, a wallet. “Causual”, “Couture”, “City and country styles” - how to figure it out and choose something of your own? In the media, with the help of special articles, newspapers and magazines, as well as “with the support of” television, it is promoted to dress in fashionable, stylish, have a certain set of clothes in the wardrobe (necessarily including a “little black dress”).

Watching TV shows, reading magazines about fashion trends is clearly not enough to choose your own style. Of course, after listening to (reading) the advice of a stylist, a person receives some useful information ... but how to apply it in life, each time crossing the threshold of another shopping center? How to choose a clothing style, how to choose your own?

How to choose a clothing style

Firstly, in order to choose the style of clothing, you must choose what is more important for you - fashion or style. To be fashionable, you must have a good financial resource. Fashion is changing daily. To follow the fashion means to follow the release of a new designer collection, to purchase the goods of the next brand or the brands that copy the products of leading designers. As for the style of clothing, the costs are much less, but it is important to find your own style that suits you. Here, successful and not entirely successful experiments cannot be avoided.

Of course, the media is filled with tips “how to look cool”, “how to choose clothes”, but if you have a strong desire to be different and find your own image, as some celebrities have successfully done (Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss), then start with an objective assessment of yourself darling, your abilities, do not be afraid of experiments. For those who have not yet decided to experiment, a little admonition: think about whether you like the way most people you meet every day in transport, on the streets of the city, at work, study, etc. are dressed. Yes, they can dress well, but what about style?

Have you ever wondered if you would have put on a particular item acquired by someone from your friends. Yes, you don’t like any of these things at all, but someone’s style seems to be completely unsuccessful ... Is the opinion of these people about your image so important, is it so authoritative? And in the end, what are the risks of not being a public person? Are you afraid to get on the cover of a fashion magazine in an absurd blouse? Rating online casinos: Play and win!