Modern women have at their disposal a huge arsenal of cosmetics and procedures that make hair well-groomed and give them a healthy look. More and more often, visitors to salons use such a popular service as hair lamination. Why is lamination so attractive for women?
First of all, lamination prevents the appearance of so-called "split ends". A special drug applied to the hair forms a thin film that protects them from the harmful effects of the environment. However, hope that after lamination the structure of damaged hair will completely change, it should not. After all, the main purpose of the procedure is not treatment, but the creation of aesthetic appeal. Moreover, even thinned hair overnight become silky and shiny.
In addition to shine, lamination can give your hair the desired shade. This is achieved through the use of multi-colored compositions. Of course, it will not be possible to radically change the color of hair with the help of lamination, but it is quite possible to emphasize your own shade or adjust it to several tones.
The process of laminating the hair itself is quite simple and takes about an hour. If the hair does not differ in length, even less time is spent on the procedure. The first stage of lamination is to cleanse the hair with a special shampoo. Further, the hair is dried, but not completely, to retain a small amount of moisture. After this, the most important stage begins - applying the drug (the so-called "glaze"). For the best effect, the application is repeated several times until the hair acquires a natural shine and becomes smooth.
As for the duration of the created effect, it directly depends on the frequency of washing the hair and the drug used for lamination. On average, the composition is completely washed out within a month. After that, lamination will need to be done again.
Thus, if you want to do regular lamination of hair, you will have to stock up not only with patience, but also with financial means for timely updating of the glaze.
Reviews about hair lamination are completely different. There are also negative reviews. If a woman is satisfied with the result, then she does this procedure regularly. Some, on the contrary, remain disappointed. It depends on many factors, such as the professionalism of the master and the quality of the materials. There are frequent cases when the result does not coincide with the loud promises of advertising.
Hairy and curly hair after lamination does not straighten, but at the same time become healthy and well-groomed. Lamination is great for hair damaged, weakened, and also depleted after dyeing and curling. $10 deposit casino