By the manufacturer, Carmani car GPS navigators are positioned as very beautiful and very fast navigators, equipped with a great many of the most useful functions that can make a motorist’s life more comfortable and carefree.

The speed of the Carmani navigators is provided by a powerful 2 GHz processor - for example, such as the Cramani CX500 model - a multitasking multimedia GPS navigator capable of working with HD formats.

In other words, if you decide to buy a Carmani GPS navigator, you will get a device capable of working with full support for cartography in real 3D, and all this is displayed on a widescreen display with a resolution of 800 * 480 pixels. If the navigation program installed in the navigator supports 3G, there is the possibility of obtaining the most up-to-date traffic information, and in 3D.

 It is also possible and normal access to the Internet through the built-in browser.

What else pleases the Karmani navigators is the design mentioned above. For example, floating buttons made using special technology, or an ultra transparent and clean display, to achieve the effect on which Clear Panel technology is applied.

Since Carmani navigators are very powerful, they allow you to instantly turn on the rear view camera. This occurs immediately after ignition and the shift lever is moved to the reverse position.

Optimizing the sound system of a car is another great feature of Carmani car navigators. The device is easily connected to the AUX input of most car stereo systems, after which you can control the sound level of the media files being played from the screen of your navigator. At the request of the client, the specialists of the installation company can place a special joystick in the passenger compartment to control the navigator. A very convenient thing, eliminates the need to constantly poke into the display, raising your hand. You can also connect the Karmani car navigator to the DVR, and control both devices from one screen.

Depending on the brand of your car, and, accordingly, the features of its dashboard, the overall picture, the type of installed navigator will also vary. The navigator, of course, will remain the same, but all the same, it has some characteristic signs, sometimes invisible to the eye, arising at the time of merging with the body of the car. I wish you a successful purchase, let your new navigator work for a long time and not break! You can now find hundreds of traditional casino games and modern casino games at all of our top-rated casino sites and brand new games also continue to arrive on almost a monthly basis throughout the year. The majority of games tend to be online slot machines (classic 3 reel slots with anywhere from 1 to 5 paylines and 5 reel slots with multiple paylines or multiple win ways).