The post-apocalyptic entourage in video games is now, perhaps, no less popular than such a rich subject matter as World War II. Either the Fallout laurels do not let you sleep soundly and come up with something new, or the banal laziness is to blame - it is not clear. However, the fact remains: the games, which take place after the global catastrophe, come out more and more often. The reasons why mankind has come to such a life in the next world are also not overwhelming with originality: it is either the now-fashionable zombie virus, or an old, proven means - world war with the use of weapons of mass destruction.

The scene of the “Crater” is a huge funnel, formed as a result of a rather big explosion that happened during the global war, which almost destroyed the entire human race. But people turned out to be much more viable than expected: the crater gradually became habitable, moreover, small settlements of people began to appear on its expanses, gradually small villages expanded and turned into whole cities ... Life went on - unlike the surrounding lands (which bear the name of the Northern Wastelands, quite original for such games), turned into a poisonous desert, the crater turned out to be a real oasis. Of course, the number of immigrants increased every day.

Of course, everything is not as smooth as the Crater residents would like - the first thing that catches your eye is that all the characters in the game wear gas masks or respirators that completely hide their faces. But the local air is only good for flora and fauna - dense vegetation, wolves, bears and other not always friendly animals feel quite comfortable.

As a compensation for difficult natural conditions (although compared to what is happening in the scorched Wasteland, here is a real paradise) in the very center of a huge funnel, a real Klondike was discovered. A huge hole going to inaccessible depths, the walls of which are pierced by countless caves, in which you can always find something valuable - of course, if the hunters for luck can cope with the inhabitants of the dungeons.

Thanks to the seemingly endless wealth, the population of the surrounding territories provided themselves with a fairly tolerable life: the artifacts found attracted merchants from all over the world, and soon Crater turned into one of the richest and most powerful regions of the post-war world. But playing online games is a tool for development of memory, reasoning, logic, speed and other friv games important skills According to various researches such games as logic, trivia, memory and puzzle friv games could help you to avoid dementia and forgetfulness.

Our heroes are a team of those adventurers who are not allowed to live in peace by the thought of the riches hiding in the bowels of the Crater. Among our wards there is no main thing - you have to play immediately for the entire squad, as in the recent Legend of Grimrock. No, you can, of course, give orders to each hero separately, but such a way of control, if necessary, is possible only during difficult battles, when it is important to correctly place your fighters. You can hire them in cities, and as much as you want, but only three can participate in a battle at a time. There are four available character classes (“tank”, medic, melee fighter and support arrow), so you often have to combine the composition of the team, since you can change one hero to another at any time.

This is where one of the most important drawbacks of Krater is hiding. Despite the fact that there are enough fighters available for hire for the eyes - in every city there is a recruiting center - there is almost no sense in recruiting new mercenaries. The fact is that the characters of one class differ only in the “ceiling” of the level that they can reach. Skills, of which there are only two pieces per hero, are the same for all. Yes, there is an increase in experience, the implantation of implants that enhance skills, and “boosters” that improve the special actions of fighters. Due to this, you can achieve some kind of variety, but in general everything looks so poor compared to other games of this kind that after half an hour of running around Crater, any interest in “pumping” is lost. Another important (and for some, perhaps, the most important) aspect - collecting equipment, searching for rare things and combining them differently with each other - is presented inKrater is even worse. Each member of the squad can use only two items - the main weapon and additional. You don’t have any armor with different parameters, sets of equipment ... It seems that they should be replaced by the implants already mentioned, but something doesn’t work out for them: almost all of them are similar improvements that add a couple of points to a certain skill.

Of course, this alignment most sadly affects the gameplay. Fights are a series of identical fights with the same opponents, against which the same tactics are always good. Shuffling the squad also does little — there are too few skills available to the player. There is no "mana" that is spent on the use of skills; just wait a couple of seconds until the recharge takes place - and you can click on the keys again. Largely because of this, during the battles you get almost no pleasure - except from the end.

Quests - there too. Almost all of them are “fascinating” adventures of getting a dozen pieces of meat “knocked out” from bears and similar creatures, or total stripping of locations. "Corridor" levels, enemies, standing in small groups waiting for our detachment ... Routine. This part of the game sadly resembles the recent Confrontation , except that the battles here are a little more dynamic.

However, it’s not only in battles. This is still a role-playing game. In any case, according to its developers. Some even rushed to compare Krater with Diablo and Fallout , presenting the game as a mixture of these two completely different monsters in the video entertainment industry. Frankly - neither one nor the other here and does not smell.

Having a common theme - a post-apocalypse - does not make Krater a “follower” or “killer” Fallout . Despite the excellent work of artists and sound engineers (the soundtrack in the game is almost the only thing that is not satisfactory), the first place here is “action”. But he does not reach the level necessary for the game to carry away.
Similar drawings on the loading screen immediately bring to mind the illustrations from the "Space Rangers". Here, one also feels love for one’s work and recognizable style, which the creators of game graphics also adhere to.
In general, the contrast with expectations is quite sharp: the project on screenshots and in videos too looked too attractive. But landscapes and music alone, no matter how wonderful they may be, will not be full. The settlements look abandoned - you can talk only with a few characters, the rest remain part of the same landscape, only animated. What is the use of the vast world if the only occupation in its open spaces is to carry out identical tasks for different cities to destroy the livestock of wild animals or bandits? Free movement on the map was also done anyhow - if you neglect the storyline and go on a “free voyage”, then there’s a little sense in it: in the cities it’s empty, there’s nothing to do again.

The promised "crafting" of equipment from improvised materials turned out to be a very dull occupation. As I already said, the game categorically lacks a variety of weapons and equipment, and with the help of a workbench we can create the same objects with the faceless “+1 to attack”. Moreover, it is much easier and faster to buy the same thing in a nearby store. It’s boring to live in the Crater Valley, oh how boring ...

But everything could not turn out so sadly, be in the game multiplayer. With friends, it’s much more fun to travel, clear the dungeons and complete quests that are not even too original. Even better, if there is PvP and trade between players - replay value increases significantly. Alas, there is no network game yet, developers promise to introduce multiplayer with all the related goodies only a month after the release.

One gets the impression that the creators of Krater were somewhat quick to release the game. There are cons, but the pros are not in a hurry to show us something, putting aside everything tasty for later. Probably all the same in vain - it seems to me that such a solution will only alienate the game from those who still decided to try it. We looked, saw that there was little interesting, and forgot: there is nothing that makes us look forward to continuing. There are prospects, but will the players remain interested in the moment of the release of the DLC, adding everything that is missing now?

Maybe over time Kraterit will indeed become a worthy representative of the genre (there are, of course, prerequisites for this), but so far the first impression leaves much to be desired. Developers have a reason to think - how would their bet on the gradual completion of the game after the start of sales was not a failure.