1. Several years have passed since the events shown in Part 1 of the film. Peace returns to Earth, and its population can finally relax. Now you will not surprise anyone with rangers, because everyone knows what they are. Now it is not just military equipment, but assistants who are exploited in various matters. Ordinary citizens are slowly forgetting the true purpose of cars. People believe that they will no longer have to be used in the military sphere. However, the government makes secure and continues to improve rangers, coming up with new weapons and high-tech modules for them.

Once the pacification of mankind comes to an end and Kaiju again make themselves felt. Monsters do not want to admit their loss and are going to arrange a rematch. The portal opens and through it onto the planet are creatures that during the lull period have received a number of modifications and have become even more fierce. And so, ordinary inhabitants begin to recall why the huntsmen were created. Huge aliens are going to enslave people and make them their slaves. But first, they will have to meet with robot defenders. A new chapter in the confrontation of huge aliens and manned vehicles begins!

2. Paul Kersey - a law-abiding citizen and an exemplary family man. He is quite satisfied with a quiet life and the comfort of home that his wife creates. The man works as a surgeon and often performs operations on those who have suffered in criminal conflicts.

One day, some thugs invade Kersi apartments. At this moment, the head of the family is not at home. Attackers mock his wife and daughter Paul. Subsequently, sadists leave the scene of the crime. As a result of such a cruel act, a woman dies, and her daughter in serious condition is transported to the hospital.

The investigation is too slow and it seems that the police are either incompetent or cover the real offenders. Having lost hope that law enforcement officers will find the villains, the widower goes to the arms store, deciding for herself that the time has come to leave the measured life in the past. The man intends to restore justice.

Scumbags mocking members of the Kersey family are not the only ones who deserve to die. And when Paul destroys them with the punishing sword of justice, he realizes that the city is full of other murderers. Since the cops cannot catch all the killers, the fierce avenger puts this task on his shoulders and will perform it until he runs out of strength and bullets. Create your own chat room and post a link to a social network, blog or forum to invite people. Everyone will be able to log in, registration is not required. The rooms have a privacy setting, live webcam sex — anonymous chat service. Here you can chat one-on-one with new people, completely anonymously!