You would hardly have found a place more reminiscent of a classic English landscape and a classic English character than Cornwall. It is he who combines a wild coast, a strict English landscape, but at the same time a true mysterious charm that simply belongs to English places.

Mysterious breath of history
Since Cornwall is a very specific area, especially historically, the charm of the past tenses is really felt at every turn.

Cold nature
Subjected to strong winds away from the Atlantic, Cornwall is really harsh and inhospitable. But the work of nature in the places where it blows the most is incredible, because it is here that the most impressive rocks are created. One of them, the largest, is the High Cliff.
However, it is not true that there are no beaches. They are here, and you will even find really good and pleasant sand. Beaches are located in cities and villages such as Bodé - an ideal place for surfing. Perhaps the most attractive beach is the large beach called Praa Sands, which is a beautiful white beach, which is a real treat for the eyes. It is also one of the largest.

Secret inside the walls
And what would happen in England without ghosts and mysterious places? Worth mentioning is the Jamaica Inn, originally a beggar's den, now the home of many legends, apparently full of ghosts. Alfred Hitchcock revived the house in the film of the same name. Now it is a luxury hotel.
Bodmin Moore, or Bodmin Prison - a former prison and scaffold, now converted into a museum, is decorated with similar legends.
A street that you should not miss, as many old preserved buildings have been preserved here, this is Chapel Street in Penzance. Also interesting is the place called Cannal Vale, which is a hidden valley that is primarily known as one of the places where gunpowder is produced. Kennal Vale is currently a nature reserve.

Benedictine Museum of Mont Phoebe
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