In recent years, construction companies in the construction of residential buildings and industrial buildings are increasingly choosing to install plastic windows. Their average lifespan is 40 years. “Plastic” is replaced by old wooden windows by private homeowners and residents of apartment buildings. Often, many people postpone the replacement of windows until spring or summer, as they are afraid to carry out their installation in the winter.

They justify their fears with the possibility of poor-quality installation of “plastic” by specialists of companies in cold weather or their optionality. However, it all depends on the right choice of a specialized company. In addition, in winter there is no such influx of customers, and the manufacture and installation of products can occur in a short time.

The advantages of a plastic window

The choice is justified by a number of advantages that these products possess:

1. In a room with plastic windows it becomes much warmer, they prevent the appearance of drafts.

2. They have excellent noise insulation properties, greatly reduce the penetration of noise from the street.

3. The windows during operation do not dry out and do not warp.

4. If necessary, when replacing them, it is possible to provide for the installation of a security device against hacking.

5. The tightness of the products eliminates the possibility of moisture, dust and smell entering the room from the street.

6. “Plastic” is convenient to use - it easily opens and closes.

Window care

• Windows require minimal maintenance - they do not need to be coated with varnish or paint, the tightness of the glass packet eliminates the possibility of contamination of the inner surface of the glass.

• It is recommended to wash plastic constructions with soap and water; synthetic cleaners can destroy the surface of the plastic.

• Special care is required for rubber seals - if they are coated with ordinary silicone grease at least twice a year, the life of the “plastic” can be increased by 20-25 years.

• It is desirable to lubricate the hardware of the window made of metal, then it will not jam over time.

How to buy a window

• When purchasing a plastic window, it is necessary to check the availability of a certificate for the profile, this is one of the main factors guaranteeing its quality.

• You should pay attention to the conclusion of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance on the environmental friendliness of the profile, confirming the safety of its use in residential premises.

• The certificate of ROSTest for the used double-glazed window must be present. Sex Chat-pleasure, from which not refuse. A huge percentage of modern men can not get exactly the pleasure they expect. Also, many do not have the opportunity to have sex, due to the lack of a partner. Fortunately, all free porn cams You just need to visit to satisfy your every wish. Sex chat couples are not where Russian girls show wet pussies, but where elite models from around the world in VIP LIVE SEX CHAT spread beautiful legs for us.