Latest Pub Trend Is Casino-Oriented 

Recently, many pubs have been appearing in many countries that don’t have a typical history in the pub’s tradition. One example is Sweden. Customers show to appreciate British-styled pubs or Irish-styled pubs, it’s almost like to feel the British culture at one step from home. Swedes have a long warm relationship with Britain and one thing that appeals the most is the pub culture. During the last ten, fifteen years, more Brits have moved to Sweden and chosen to open a pub to make a living. 

Pubs offer the occasion to meet with friends and to have a drink or two while talking or playing some games. Typical culinary offerings at pubs include British beer and food specialties from the UK, Ireland and sometimes from Germany, as well. Often times pubs that are outside the UK, feature the Irish flag or the Wales flag, and in certain cases also medieval flags and symbols.

Modern-Day Pubs And Casino Games


Medieval symbols represent a nice way to decorate the interiors and exteriors of a pub. Customers like to go to a special themed pub, instead of going to a common local type of place.

Sweden has had a long history of strict gaming laws and only in 2019 opened up the market to regulated non-governmental operators. Due to the previous history of gaming, slot machine, were not allowed to play online and Swedens three land-based casinos are less than 10 years old. So where did people gamble before? Well, slot machines were allowed at restaurants with a license from the government. Many remember going out with the family for a traditional "Sunday dinner" and watching at least one in the company making excuses to escape to the attractive slot machines. These games can still be played at restaurants and pubs and are very popular despite the many online options. 

A restaurant or pub must have a license to keep the games and a large number of pubs feature slot machines in a small room or separate area, where customers can play games and drink beer in a more comfortable way.

The introduction of slot machines in pubs has been a strong step forward for pub owners, who could see how gambling games can help improve the entire business activity.

Why Do Pub Customers Like Slot Machines


There’s a reason if so many pub owners thought to install slot machines. Actually, these typical casino games are extremely attractive on a large number of people, basically because:

Slot games are easy to play, no rules to learn and much fun
Progressive slots release large prizes to winners
You can win comp points and free spin bonuses
Slot games are quick and you can quit the game at any time
Casino games are very fashionable

Casino Games In The Internet


So many pub customers do also like to play slots online. In fact, today the growing number of casinos in the net keeps increasing over and over and you can find so many different casinos to choose in.

However, when it comes to safety, not all casinos are the same good – you should read many casino reviews and make a comparison among casinos in order to see what is the best one for you. As Sweden today has a new gaming law it is important for Swedish citizens, or anyone living in Sweden even temporarily, to play only at one of those casinos that have a valid Swedish license.

Sites like the SvenneCasinos website has become increasingly important to help gamers separate between legal and illegal casinos as it is very difficult for the regular player to know what is legal and what isn't . Picking one of the operators Svennecasinos has tested is surely a very smart choice if you are looking for a nice and welcoming casino environment where you can access a very large range of slots and live dealer games. Another advantage is that the website display valid bonuses and special casino rewards currently available to all registered players at the different casinos. More, you can easily select the casino that has bonuses valid for the game you prefer to play. Most common are slots bonus, available at almost every online casino but it may be difficult to search for casinos on your own that have valid bonuses right now for games like live blackjack, poker or bingo.  

Needless to say, these advantages of bonuses, are exclusively for playing online, no pub or restaurant is allowed to give you free credits to play at their slots!