The effectiveness of advertising depends on two factors. Firstly, from how noticeable it will be on the streets of the city. And secondly, from what impression the advertisement makes on an audience. Both factors are seriously affected by the materials from which the advertising structures are made. Bright colors and the right lines will make passersby pay attention to advertising, and the excellent performance of the entire design will play into the hands of the image of the advertiser.

Advertising and production company "NAME" uses exclusively high-quality modern materials for the manufacture of advertising structures. We work with materials from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers.

In the production of billboards and boxes, we offer customers to make these structures visible at any time of the day using the backlight. Lighting effects can also be used in the design of advertising stands and stands. In the NAME company, you can order a familiar neon backlight, as well as a more modern and economical one based on the use of LEDs.

The advertising and production company NAME in its work pays great attention to the materials from which it produces its products. We cooperate with leading suppliers from Europe, Asia and Russia.

 This gives us an advantage if the client is interested in a specific manufacturer, we take this into account in the project.

Materials used in the production of outdoor advertising

Decorative materials:

- Decorative plastics

- perforated steel

Printing Materials:

- Banner fabric - Banner mesh - Vinyl film


- ALS profile - Elcamet profile - Quattro profile (colloquial name - quad-profile)

Composite materials:

- Aluminum composite material


- PVC plastic - Cellular polycarbonate - Plexiglas (acrylic) - Colored plexiglass

Films for use in outdoor advertising:

- Vinyl film Oracal 641 - Avery 500 - Oracal 8500 - Macal 9700 - Macal 8400 - Macal Glass Decor - Macal 5700 - Oracal 6510/7510 Almost all types of building materials are available to our customers.

We also have the ability to print wide format images on various media. For example, informational stretch marks on the fabric. In the design of trade pavilions and stalls, various types of self-adhesive films are often used.

Whatever type of advertising our customers choose, the NAME experts will always find the best material for the realization of all ideas. levitra baisse prix fonctionnement du levitra