The Lord of the Rings universe is considered a classic of the fantasy genre. For decades, fans have been delighted to enjoy films and games based on the famous books of John Tolkien.

The game "Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor" immerses players in the atmosphere of a world loved by many. She tells the story of a ranger named Talion, who has acquired supernatural powers and is hungry for revenge. Therefore, using his power, he begins to wage war against the Dark Lord.

The game has a fairly simple character leveling system. There is an open world, but exploring it is a little boring, because the information received does not have a fundamental impact on the development of the character, but simply tells the story of Middle-earth. Yes, the game was not perfect, but worthy of passing it at least once.

But the second part of "Middle-earth" was not so successful, even if at first glance the project looked promising. The plot has not suffered major changes - Talion is still fighting against the army of Sauron. He uses the same means, namely the killing and subjugation of his captains and leaders. Yes, the place of events has changed, but this is not the most important thing. In truth, everything that happens in the game gradually reduces the interest of the gamer.

Nevertheless, the game suffered a number of changes aimed at improving the gameplay. The character’s leveling system has been changed towards the 3rd Witcher. Also, the player can conquer fortresses and then defend them. The developers made it possible to change equipment. Now killing enemies, Talion acquires not only runes, but also armor and weapons. The ranger also has a glaive in the game - a long staff that can hit several enemies at once. Of abilities, Talion developed an elven rage. While in this mode, he is almost invulnerable and incredibly deadly.

Sauron attacks the kingdom of men, and Talion cannot remain aloof. Using the capabilities of a ghost, he tries to weaken the enemy’s army from within, wreaks havoc and subjugates the orcs. It is impossible not to mention the dragons, which are also found in the game.
Of course, the second part of "Middle-earth" appealed to lovers of the Lord of the Rings. But if the gamer is not an ardent fan of the first part or the universe as a whole, then the game is unlikely to be able to hold attention for a long time.

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