Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is the most definitive part of the series. After the first, perhaps four. While Gleb reflects on the “History”, I look around the long road of the famous car races. Together with Road & Track magazine and under the auspices of Pioneer, a game with a Ferrari wheel on the cover once appeared. At that time, the developers did not suspect what they would entertain the public with all these years. They did not think, I am almost sure that the circle of these entertainments will still be closed, and the series will return to its roots. Super-ambiguity article - let's take a look at the soul of the third Hot Pursuit .

Paradise City ... no, or rather, Seacrest County The new Need For Speed is a sign. For us, that change has come. For EA Black Box- that the studio is unlikely to be allowed to do something not online (although the indulgences in NFS: World are already alarming, they didn’t get crazy popularity). The marketing decision turned out to be right - so that consumers do not suffer in expectation of new races, we will give them several of their options at once. And you don’t have to play thousands of whistle-farts, car sculptors, vinyls and other, to put it mildly, not always necessary junk in one poor game. After the revolutionary Underground and the charming look and feel of Most Wanted , the Black Box studio moved: Shift 2 makes Slightly Mad , the third Hot Pursuit went to Criterion Games . In the cauldron of a friendNeed For Speed splashed a little Burnout . Although all right, let's be honest, Burnout is clearly felt in the smell of burnt rubber - a company with experience in developing more than fifteen years cannot bring something of its own to the series. On the other hand, Burnout is dearly beloved in the console regions. The average rating for the third part is 93 out of 100.

Step on the pedals, step on the gas. And the first change takes the experienced rider by surprise. After a cinematic screen saver, the game transfers control to us. I press with all my might on the up arrow, and shish - as in F1 2010 , the management was shuffled. It was proposed to accelerate lightweight cars with a space, and in Hot Pursuit it is done on A. The brake is on Z. From time immemorial, by the way, these keys were given under gear shifting. Everything, traditions are crossed out - in the world of high speeds and exotic cars there is no place for jerking the box. The default machine is the first fruit of dividing Need For Speed into genres. A lot of fun is yet to come.

The other day in the Heavy Rain stream I had a chance to notice how beautifully even the standing cars combine with the surrounding space. Of course, the comparison is somewhat incorrect. Racing at a speed of 300-400 kilometers per hour past the landscape and scenery is another. However, back in 1999, it was noticed that speed is good, because you do not have time to look around and you cannot see the surrounding ugliness. More than ten years have passed and nothing has changed. There is a road, there is something around - and often it is not the best performance. Maxim Kulakov, looking at Hot Pursuit , noticed that for the umpteenth time theyI can’t cross the world and cars. The car looks sloppy and gives cheap plastic, while the open spaces for riding have the soul of low poly and low-quality textures. And nothing can be done about it. We object to Maxim. Not with them , but now with Criterion . But in general - it is, therefore, I preferred to contemplate the beauty of the fleet on the menu, I do not want to admire the car in the race at all. Firstly, if anti-aliasing exists, then it is not so hot. Secondly, with a “belly on asphalt” camera, the road travels faster, visually more dynamics. The third-person perspective is sad - it’s worth braking, and you have to look at the colorful landscapes. (And in wet weather, miserable plasticine drops fly from under the wheels.) View from the hood - neither fish nor meat. It feels like you're driving a barge. And she is sure to moor. To the tree. Or a wall.

This is to the question of why some write, they say, looks depressing. That impression may be, yes. Play the best website friv games. Therefore, shamelessly campaigning for the view "from the bumper." The roads themselves are magnificent. Especially in the rain - the reflections are mesmerizing, although you barely have time to look at them. Well, the owners of not too powerful computers - manna. The fewer objects in the frame, the faster. I don’t think it’s true that anyone will have special problems - Hot Pursuit is not gluttonous.

Distracted? Now about the urgent. For the first time since time immemorial, we said goodbye to the economic system. There are only points left, they must be gained in order to gradually open the cars. As they pass, the cops will attack harder, and new tracks will open their arms. All. No plot, no stupid stories about street racers (although Most Wanted is forever in my heart, I'm grumbling about Underground 2) True, girls, too, cannot be found. But the player is constantly getting something. It is worth going a couple of tracks (more often enough is one), when the “new car”, “new class” or “you got a level and a whole cart of nishtyakov to boot!” Lights up on the screen! And this is the right decision, I think. There is no horror of monotony, repetition and low motivation - after arrival you are immediately given something. And if the victory didn’t bring anything, then it doesn’t matter, companies regularly roll out priceless “horses” for a test drive. With one arcade stroke, Criterion killed almost the main problem of all Need For Speed ​​in recent years - now you do not need to drive only one car. You can try any.

The game will take out the achievements of the automobile industry for a long time - there are 20 levels for reckless and police officers. Yes, I allowed myself to remain silent about it for half a hundred. The confrontation of the first and second - here is the main entertainment. And for the guardians of order there is a whole garage of painted cars.

The current Hot Pursuit without a twinge of conscience can be called fair. Previously, as it was - cunning cops rush through the air cutting expensive supercars, blockade, lay spikes, helicopters rustle overhead. Violators of the law could only succumb to the gas and smile sadly. Now, when they know about nitro even in the Russian outback not only from films, Criteriondecided to give the criminals a chance - they have their own arsenal. In fact, the game can be divided in half - competitions with and without guns. Moreover, this division is easy. Modes, the cat cried. Either rushing with the breeze and light, without weapons, or dangerously running away or catching up, ready to put the enemy in high tech in the ass. And now the “trunks" are charged, the classic mess begins, only in a new way and under the untwisted brand.

At this point, the developers apparently had a question: how to make Need For Speed with guns so that it remained with it, and did not turn into a boring clone of Carmageddon TDR 2000 and Twisted Metal with a light admixture of all those faceless fun that came out on consoles since Rock'n'Roll Racing? The answer was found easily - we fasten more races, less ryushechek. So, cars have only four types of attack-defensive functions. Careers very slowly introduce them into the game, mixing with endless "ride-just-so." It turns out lively - special techniques are smeared over long hours of gameplay with a thin layer. And the devices are also improving, so the illusion of diversity is blooming wildly.

The set is straightforward: the reckless arsenal has spikes, an electromagnetic gun, a suppressor of police systems and instant acceleration. Cops call a helicopter, put up barriers, similarly spit EMR and their spikes are exactly the same. The police bird got rid of the explosive barrels, she also lays spiky stripes. That's all: drivers pierce each other's wheels; EMP temporarily slows down ahead; suppressors - turn off weapons to all cops; turbo - the funniest - instantly accelerates to the maximum.

Weapons are actively used - now the cops do not need to block, hit the wheel, turn around and stop the criminal. It is enough to ram it directly into the trunk, on the forehead or side - not the point. Everyone has a health strip. Such a familiar and understandable: struck five blows - everything, the opponent is detained and his car is broken. Although before that he can make two hundred attempts to turn a car into a work of modern art using a concrete wall. Health is taken away exclusively for blows.

Gleb, I remember, all suffered at first. He all inclined the enemy to the classics - tried to block him, cut him off. Things went better after my remark: "Yes, you beat them in the ass, do not be shy." Former Need For Speedfamiliar from childhood, experience is misleading. Another studio - everything inside is different. From mechanics to driving sensations.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
BMW looks great. Of course, the "ladders" spoil it a little, but not so much. But the discord of the environment and the machine is visible. She is in the center, and everything else is not from here. For this they scold the schedule.